FLIGHT PATTERNS | a new play

While searching for a family heirloom, a young woman stumbles upon a trove of letters from her grandmother’s past, uncovering secrets about her faith, origin, and her grandmother’s years of service as a Women’s Air Force Service Pilot during the Second World War. FLIGHT PATTERNS lays bare the stories we tell about ourselves and our loved ones in an attempt to shape an impossible narrative.

The first two acts of FLIGHT PATTERNS was presented as a reading at the Gallatin Arts Festival in April, 2017. It was subsequently awarded the Dean's Award for Graduating Seniors from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study. 

A public reading of the play was performed at Access Theater in November, 2017.

The final draft is currently in progress, with a full production to come.


And the Beat Goes On ...

Want to stay up to date on my progress? I do all of my own dramaturgy. Join me in the fun as I explore the the women's workforce and female air traffic controllers during World War II for my new play FLIGHT PATTERNS. I'll be including updates on the status of the play as well as relevant discoveries from my research.